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Among the organisations that have helped  the realisation of the previous editions we would like to thanks:

Thanks 2015

f lovati

Francesco Lovati

Artistic Director


f dovo

Fiona Dovo

Teenagers Programme Project Manager


Marco Ghelardi

 New Plays and Opera Project Manager


Martina Greenwood1

Teenagers Programme Assistant


o gai

Olivia Gai



meroElisabetta Mero

Sponsorship Manager


j chou

Jumy Chou

Business Consultant


13957630_10209339381315824_400886859_nCarole Mitchell

UK Literary Consultant



For  informations regarding schools please contact:

If you are a producer, distributor or artistic director and you are looking for informations regarding playwright- screenwriters representation, please write to the email just above.

If you are a playwright from Italy or abroad and you are passing by Milan, consider joining our twice a month playwriting reading group: an informal chat on new plays on stage now in London, to keep your creativity updated on the best works on stage now. Is free and mind-opening.  For more info please contact us by using the email above.

Submitting new works: please consider that at the moment we are unable to receive new play – screenplay and that therefore the material received would not be considered.  To send us new works please wait for the next Open Call in conjunction with the next 2018 Festival edition, which will be announced with adequate notice on the website and on social networks. Regarding scripts sent for previous Open Call, please consider that   due to the high volume of applications  and to our limited staff we won’t be able to write back to each one of you personally.  Please also note that if you haven’t hear  from us, it doesn’t necessarily means that we didn’t like your work: we have a variety of issues to be considered before  presenting a project, and this include above all money, Festival’s organization choices and a limited staff. Therefore we are still really interested in hearing from you for our next edition.